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Vertical_IconTransformation Coaching Solutions, LLC provides effective and conscientious coaching services. We will partner with you to navigate the landscape of your personal and professional goals. We team with individuals who are seeking a shift from expectation to realization. We employ an ISO driven process that leads to improved productivity, streamlined communication and a greater rate of realized objectives.


Our Coaches

Homeslider_AngieAngela Hall, PCC

Angie is a Professional Certified Coach with a passion for helping people make shifts in their careers and discover the areas of their lives that bring them passion. She has a Master’s degree in Leadership and implements these skills in team building and leadership development. She has a lifetime of experience with successful cross-cultural integration; racially, generationally and via gender roles. All of which have been cultivated through occupational experiences that include previous military service, corporate opportunities, and non-profit endeavors.

Member of the International Coach Federation

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Our Approach to Life Coaching

Every client is unique. And certainly, In every case, we are committed to creating a safe and trust-filled coaching environment. As we work together, you will make discoveries that will get you the transformative results you desire. As the client, you set the agenda. We will introduce models, concepts, tools and exercises to advance the discovery and action process at your pace.